Art Series for The Rug Collection


Tink PR has been working closely with the team from The Rug Collection on their latest collaboration titled Art Series. The project has taken a year from concept to completion and  in March we launched the excited limited edition collection. 

The 10 piece range features the designs of Katie McKinnon, Rebecca Judd, Beastman, Home-Work and Pony Rider, who have each created two distinctive rugs that reflect their individual style and creative vision. The Rug Collection’s Art Series brings artwork from the walls to the floor and with only 50 rugs available in each design, they are sure to become coveted collector’s items.

Dynasty is inspired by the Home-Work bedding print of the same name and the black shapes are balanced by the calming blues and grey brush strokes in the background, to create a bold and striking rug.

Collage (uses Home-Work’s signature peach, balanced by muted tones of blue, lavender, grey and yellow. The rug reflects the design team’s love of random and spontaneous patterns.


Katie McKinnon is a firm believer in the transformative power of art and her vibrant rugs have been designed to evoke feelings of happiness and optimism in the interior space.

Moonlighter and Coral (above) takes inspiration from the shy and retiring Moonlighter, a fish that lives under shallow coastal reef ledges and at its most beautiful under the sparkling aqua-marine waters of Greens Pool, Denmark, Western Australia.

Parrotfish and Coral (below) an abstraction of the magical underwater gardens of Osprey Reef, home to the Parrotfish in the Coral Sea. The turquoise ribbon reefs contain gorgeous blush pink coral gardens and McKinnon wanted to mirror this colourful paradise in her design


Rebecca Judd’s designs for the Art Series focus heavily on texture and the organic plaited weave of the woollen fibres have been designed to add a rich, earthy and inviting atmosphere to a room.

Gelato (above) plays on the season’s hottest pastel colour palette and would look great combined with greys in a living room setting or with candy hued embellishments to create a gorgeous nursery.

Deep Sea (below) offers a mature take on the design and the bright colour palette is sure to make a stylish and bold statement, ideal for the bedroom or living room.


Pony Rider’s rugs for the Art Series range, Mexican Traveller (above) and Mexican Misfit (below), derive from their Summer season, which was inspired by the colours and simple graphics found on a truck in a village in Mexico.

It is this appreciation for detail that goes hand in hand with Pony Rider’s approach to design; celebrating the beauty in the ordinary.


Beastman (Bradley Eastman) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Sydney and his designs for the Art Series echo his prolific work.

Cluster Formation (above) is an expanded geometric pattern taken from Beastman’s ongoing body of artwork and represents the many cosmic elements of nature and living organisms.

Growth Expansion (below) was created as an abstract interpretation of the early stages of a new life-form using repetitive growth patterns.


The limited edition range will be available in the following sizes:

200 x 300cm RRP- $1,995

250cm Round RRP- $1,995

To view the collection, please visit