Dog's Big Breakfast

Dog lovers unite for Seeing Eye Dogs Australia

Tink PR created the concept on behalf of client, Seeing Eye Dogs Australia, to create a new annual fundraiser for the organisation. We worked with ambassadors Lauren Phillips, Rebecca Maddern and Emma Notarfrancesco to front the campaign and drive awareness of the event to the wider Victorian community.

Tink PR worked with dog-loving influencers to reach over 360,000 animal lovers to promote the event, secured 11 local paper stories, a big upfront picture in Herald Sun and a selection of commercial radio interviews. Tink PR also secured 12 radio CSA’s across commercial and community radio stations to encourage people to get together and host a Dog’s Big Breakfast with their friends in support of SEDA.

We look to grow on the event’s success again in 2016 for an even bigger and better Dog’s Big Breakfast. If you are a dog-lover make sure you take part this year!