Introducing St Remio

St Remio and Garden State Juice Company

Tink PR are excited to be working with St Remio – a brand new specialty coffee brand that is focussed on giving back to coffee farmers and their communities.

St Remio is coffee, but not as you know it. In an Australian first, they have partnered with a charity program, Sustainable Harvest (backed by Michael Bloomberg), in creating a program that gives back to the coffee growers directly at the source with a particular focus on women in Rwanda.

After the genocide, around 1 million men were killed, leaving the women of Rwanda in charge of running the coffee plantations. Sustainable Harvest has created a program that supports the women and educates them in running a business and using the best farming practices to ensure they get the best yield to support their community. They also run an incentive program to help the women receive quality of life products A percentage of all sales of St Remio coffee goes back to supporting this program, meaning consumers are making a difference directly at the source.

We all enjoy coffee, but we don’t often spend time thinking about exactly what has gone into it and the communities that grow it. St Remio believe in quality, transparency and community –giving back and supporting and educating the coffee growing community is the priority.

Tink PR are all about strong women and supporting strong women, so we couldn’t be more excited to be working with St Remio!